Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy


Please join us in honoring
Dr. Stanley Kampner
patron of the
Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy
for his 10 years of boundless dedication to our school

Sunday Afternoon, June 23rd
two o'clock

Accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year

Incoming students grades 2 through 11 exhibiting a record of academic excellence are eligible for a Dr. Kampner Scholarship providing up to 2 years of free tuition.

Free transportation available for new students commuting from the Peninsula

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Upcoming Events

Welcome Back!

Grades 5-12:
School starts Tuesday 8/18 at 10:30am

Grades 1-4:
School starts Monday 8/24 at 10:30am

Shlichim Events.

Shabbat Dinner at the Shlichim Apt at 1806 Noriega St.

Welcome To The Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy

At the Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy, our students have the privilege of growing up with friends from different national, ethnic and economic backgrounds. They learn well the meaning of cultural diversity while absorbing Jewish ethics and morals that will hold them in good stead for their entire lives. The importance of open, honest and effective communication is stressed.

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